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Perhaps more than any other art material, Jade sculpture has come to represent the pinnacle of nature’s mysterious and implacable forces. In interpreting these unique attributes of the stone, Ian’s stunningly original sculptures are works of art in their own right.
Since beginning sculpting in 1976, Ian has developed a worldwide reputation for his unique craft. He has exhibited in New Zealand and overseas and his jade sculptures are held in high regard by art investors and collectors around the globe.

Few sculptors have Ian’s eye for Jade or his knowledge of working with such a challenging material. A sixth generation New Zealand West Coaster, he has remained close to the source of the stone throughout his life. The dense native bush and difficult terrain of these regions coupled with an oxidised golden/brown rind that covers some of the boulders can make prospecting for prize Jade specimens a real challenge He has searched the rugged mountains, rivers and beaches of Westland and recovered jade from areas accessible only by extended wilderness hikes or by helicopter.
He has an exceptional eye for finding Jade boulders and pebbles eroded from New Zealand’s Southern Alps and washed downstream by turbulent waters of the rivers and streams ultimately finding hidden resting places.
Each of Ian’s sculptures has a unique path to existence and brings us to an encounter with inaccessible terrain. The stone itself most strongly influences what can be achieved sculpturally. And all Ian’s sculptures reflect his empathy for jade’s special qualities. Each piece is unique and carved to enhance the colours and textures of the stone – bewitching translucency, colour, sounds, touch, hardness and durability. Flora, fauna, glaciated and water worn rock are recurring themes in his creations and finished works pay homage to Jade’s tectonic formation, as well as to the traditions of Maori, Chinese and Pre-Columbian American cultures and the natural environment where Jade is found.

Ian’s architectural Jade creations are sculpted on a large scale from oversized rocks and include whole boulders partially worked and polished, as well as visually spectacular sections cut to reveal jade’s superb colours and intricate patterns within each stone. The large size of his architectural works means they are eminently suitable for display in spacious sites such as entrance halls, reception areas and meeting rooms. With proper installation procedures, they can be safely mounted on walls or special plinths as a highly distinctive focal point for viewers. The tactile quality of jade – with its eerily smooth, skin-like, waxy surface – makes for excellent touchstones.

Ian has many large boulders in the 100 – 5000kg range and many concepts with large spaces in mind as permanent set pieces. He loves commissions for specific locations and environments, such as hotels, banks, museums, galleries, parks, malls and gardens. He has also created beautiful bowls, basins, tables and counter tops.

If you are interested in commissioning one of Ian’s architectural jade sculptures, please contact us to discuss options, details and obtain quotes.

We are thrilled to bring Ian Boustridge’s work to this part of the world.



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