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Contemporary British Sculptor Gill Parker, is one of the most acclaimed animal sculptors of our time, particularly in equine and wildlife sculpture.

Her greatest inspiration comes from the natural world and her earliest memories are of studying animals; their interaction, movement and spirit. “I have always found animals, especially horses, beautiful and fascinating”.

Although probably best known for her extraordinary horse studies, Gill Parker works on many different subjects of the animal kingdom. Her animals are created and portrayed not as characters or in an overly sentimental way, but incredibly respectfully – with all the dignity and beauty they possess and deserve. In all her creations, Gill portrays the particular feel, character and movement – the very spirit – of each of her subjects.

Although she sculpted since at school, Gill began working in bronze in 1983. Under her loving, skilful touch, this cold, hard metal develops a freedom and vibrancy becoming imbued with a warmth and aliveness that uniquely captures mood, movement and spirit.

Gill lives and works in a beautiful part of rural Gloucestershire, along with a various assortment of animals. With many major commissions to her name including the life size bronze Motivator at Ascot Racecourse. Gill’s sculpture is eagerly sought by art collectors around the world and is included in many public and private collections.

Some of the noteworthy owners of Gill Parker bronzes makes for interesting reading and includes, amongst others;
Sheik Mohamed, Jeremy Tree, Sheik Khalid Abdullah, Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, Pierce Brosnan, Noel Edmunds, Frank Sinatra, Margaret Thatcher, Col. Gadaffi, John Dunlop, Henrietta, Duchess of Bedford, Lord and Lady Russell, Mr and Mrs Seb Coe, HM The Queen, Dubai Royal family and the
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

We are thrilled to bring Gill Parker’s work to this part of the world and to offer you the opportunity to gift, purchase or commission a piece of work from this accomplished sculptress.

We are thrilled to bring Gill Parker’s work to this part of the world.


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