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Kim Fitzpatrick is a third generation Master Glass Artist renowned for his exceptionally beautiful and unusual contemporary and traditional glass art created for indoor and outdoor installation at hotels, casinos, restaurants, private homes and corporate offices.
Kim has been working with glass for almost as long as he has been alive. His great grandfather started crafting glass in 1908 passing the skill down through multiple generations of the family. Today, steeped in history and tradition, and reputedly one of the greatest global glass artisans in practice, Kim runs and crafts in the oldest art glass studio in Australia still using its original lead machine brought over from Holland in 1945.
Whilst still working with more traditional methods, Kim has developed his skills using the modern technique of fusing glass. Unlike traditional glass art (where glass is hand painted and kiln fired to bake the paint into the glass, or cut into various shapes and soldered together with lead), fused glass is the art of combining various coloured glass together in a super-hot kiln until the colours blend together to create one piece. Mastering the technique so that the various glass and colours blend for a specific desired effect has taken Kim considerable time and effort, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Kim’s ‘near unbreakable’ panels, expressing abstract shapes and soft, free-form contours and colours merged together in an organic, fluid manner and installed with backlit LED lighting for dramatic effect, are literally breathtaking.
Kim’s contemporary fused glass pieces are perfect for integration into contemporary residential and commercial buildings. His innovative expression of architectural glass-art emerges in the form of colourful murals, water features, and unique and ambient lighting that may be custom designed to suit the individual needs of the client.
Whether you are an architect, interior designer, landscaper, developer or individual looking for an unusual and exceptional piece of glass art, we’d love to hear from you. We have both existing Kim Fitzpatrick works available for immediate purchase and Kim loves commissions where he can create the vision in his client’s mind and heart.

We are thrilled to bring Kim Fitzpatrick’s work to this part of the world.


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