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Metal Fireball Sculpture

By Aragorn Dick-Read

They can be fueled and lit to enhance a barbecue setting or permanently lit and placed in a courtyard outside an office –  as has been done in a prestigious office development in London with one  Aragorn’s fireball creations.


Dimensions: 2 x 1.37 x 1.37 m  (height x width x depth)


Original metal fireball sculpture made from large steel marine marker buoys by this Inventive Avant Gard sculptor Aragorn Dick-Reed. They make a wonderful statement in a garden and are spectacular when lit with fire.

The Fire Ball has become Aragorn Dick-Read`s signature work of art. His distinctive design style, flowing lines and crisp Silhouetted Human Figures, combine magically when carved into a Perfect Spherical form and then brought to life with fire.

Each fireball is individually created with varying sizes available and various installation options. By placing them on stands in the water a dramatic illusion is created of a ball of fire floating on the water. The fire gives life to the silhouetted forms and figures whilst the water offers an animated flaming reflection. The impact is impressive, elemental and captivates viewers.

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