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Over more than 30 years Nicola Godden has been working in plaster and clay for bronze sculpture casting, and her artwork has gone through numerous distinct phases. Her work is nearly always based on abstract or realistic human figures and each piece has a story behind it complete with human emotions and feelings. Some years ago she was commissioned to make a bird of prey and was amazed by how much she loved making the wings. Consequently, the combination of the human figure with wings has become her passion and in 2012, she exhibited at the Olympic Village  with `Icarus I`, a life sized bronze figure.  Nicola learnt how to fly planes in recent years and since then Icarus has become her preoccupation: there are already ten Icarus figures in the series with more to come! She enjoys people touching her finished works so most of her creations are cast in bronze because “light reflects so well off the surface and it can be irresistible to touch”.

As well as working on many site-specific public artworks with property companies and other organisations, Nicola has works of various sizes exhibited in galleries in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the USA.’

We are thrilled to bring Nicola Godden’s work to this part of the world.


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