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“The simplicity is the complexity solved”- Brancusi

Inspired by the old masters and the “French Animaliers” French artist Marie Ackers’ sculptures are extraordinary and contemporary interpretation of familiar creatures and beings.
Despite a strong background in anatomy, Marie has gone beyond realism and tradition to capture the perfection, the pure spirit and true force of her subjects. By removing all details, deconstructing movement and concentrating on structure, she strips each piece down to pure lines, geometric patterns and recurring shapes and forms describing an intrinsic essence of rhythm, balance and colour.
Specialising in animal sculptures and working in many mediums including stone, metal and resin, Marie’s extraordinary creations radiate a raw vitality, intense beauty, power and compelling inner strength inextricably associated with yet completely independent of reality.

We are thrilled to bring Marie Ackers’s work to this part of the world.


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