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New Zealander Jamie Adamson transforms wood and steel into bold, stylish design works with interesting shadow plays that work powerfully in all sorts of interiors including corporate and domestic settings.
Working full-time out of his Auckland studio, Jamie’s works are easily recognisable by their geometric relief sculpture form that casts fascinating shadow effects. His wooden works, created from a range of timbers including walnut, maple, rimu, pine, oak and the native pohutakawa, are sculpted using the steam bending technique while his distinctive steel sculptures involve meticulously welded components creating seamless forms and flawless finishes.
Jamie loves the physicality of the forms he creates working from an instinctual space, emulating shapes and lines that work with the organic nature of the material. His strong interest in sculpting began early in life when he spent hours working with his grandfather in his workshop. An extraordinary bond developed between the two as they spend hours with tools and machinery fixing and creating things – a burgeoning passion furthered with his father Don, working together with tools on cars, tree houses and other building projects.
Jamie naturally became a professional boat builder, with his apprenticeship in three styles of craftsmanship including timber, steel and fiberglass materials laying strong foundations for the accomplished artist he was to become. Throughout his career as a boat builder, Jamie was strongly influenced by naval architect Craig Loome’s beautifully constructed and aesthetically pleasing crafts where visual qualities were as important as the practical result. But despite his ongoing passion, Jamie was distracted for 15 years from pursuing his interest in wood sculpting while he raised a young family and ran a commercial enterprise. To satiate his hunger he slowly filled the family home with exquisite wooden and steel furniture until there was no longer any space to fill.
To the gratitude of art lovers everywhere Jamie recently sold his business to embrace his long harboured love and devote his life to sculpting with wood and steel. He has developed his own unique creative style and the immense craftsmanship that goes into each of his works must be viewed to be appreciated.

We are thrilled to bring Jamie Adamson’s work to this part of the world.


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