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18 Reasons to Invest in Sculpture

  1. To enhances your development’s global identity;
  2. To enhance work environments for your employees
  3. To describe your building’s function;
  4. To imbue your space with a spiritual quality;
  5. To enlarge your space by creating illusion;
  6. To contain your space by creating focus;
  7. To confer status to your development;
  8. To establish cultural links and builds multi-cultural bridges;
  9. To recover memories or values of the past;
  10. To create hope and values for the future;
  11. To facilitate and allow timeless;
  12. To demonstrate wealth, achievement, affluence.
  13. To convert a neutral space into one suited for a particular ritual (such as shopping, worship or contemplation
  14. To attract visitors;
  15. To create a strong sense of place, pride and beauty;
  16. Through freedom of expression to allow people to understand each other from different points of view;
  17. To pass on your legacy and tell your story for future generations: the right sculpture will ingrain itself into your story as well as have its own.

Like fine wine and classic – art will only become more valuable – whether that is through monetary value or expressive value.