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Contemporary American Sculptor Deon Duncan spent twenty-five years working as a painter but never felt the spark, that most important and potent ingredient for passion. Seven years ago she had an unexpected opportunity to sculpt from the figure and had what she describes as the epiphany of her life – that she was a born sculptor. This was what her talent was made for, and she had found it. Her enthusiasm to learn boarded on the obsessive. She spent years working hundred hour weeks, pouring over anatomy books and acquiring and assembling skeletons in order to learn structure. She talked with every figurative sculptor she could find.

It took her four years to achieve the technical fluency necessary to begin to create the extraordinary figurative art that she envisioned. It took another year to hone in on subject matter and composition. The images on this site form the kernel of what will be her lifetime’s body of work. Deon has exhibited prolifically since 2009 primarily in the United States where she has also won many awards and prizes.

It is a pleasure to represent Deon’s extraordinary and very unique sculptural creations in the Asia Pacific region.

We are thrilled to bring Deon Duncan’s work to this part of the world.


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