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It seems Antwerp artist Hélène Jacubowitz was born to sculpt. Nurtured by a goldsmith father and a famous jewellery designer brother Hélène has been sculpting and working with metal for as long as she can remember. Her chosen medium is bronze – that ancient, timeless dark or golden-brown alloy of copper and tin that that has such a powerful yet soothing presence.

Hélène imbues all her figures with an optimistic depth and lasting value with each piece conveying feelings of space, movement, shape, form and light in perfect equilibrium. It is almost impossible not to touch or embrace her sculptures and to feel the mystery of the awakened bronze – which has been described as “sensitive poems, of which you cannot change one letter”.

Placing a statue in an indoor or outdoor public space is no easy task – the confrontation with nature or architecture can be miraculous or merciless.

Yet Hélène’s pieces work perfectly in so many diverse contexts including in the new wing of an international airport, a not-for-profit care group village, around churches and other religious buildings, in major shopping centres and office buildings, national monuments and poignantly in the chemotherapy day centre of the Erasmus hospital in Brussels. Wherever they are placed, her statues convey hope, beauty and expectancy. Their offerings of warmth and moral and spiritual support are the reason that Hélène’s statues grace public spaces and galleries all over Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Holland, Luxemburg, France, Italy, Sweden, Israel, England and the United States. She has won numerous awards including in Belgium, France, England and Sweden.

For over two decades Hélène Jacubowitz has unwearyingly and painstakingly striven for ever purer and more perfect unity of form. Her sculptures inevitably imbue the spaces in which they are located with feelings of gratitude, harmony and peace.

We are thrilled to bring Hélène Jacubowitz’s work to this part of the world.



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