Artemis is an international supplier of sculptures, sourced globally from world-renowned sculpture artists.


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We are passionate about art & delivering it to the world

Artemi is a global supplier of exquisite, enduring and elevating traditional, contemporary and abstract high-quality sculptures in a wide range of materials including polished stainless steel, corten steel, bronze, marble, glass, stone, copper and silver. We source our sculptures from renowned and emerging Australian and international artists and are committed to delivering an extensive range of sculptural and architectural art solutions for all types of personal, professional and public spaces.

Our range of sculptures vary in style, scope and investment value but each piece is carefully selected to be the showpiece of any development, corporate foyer, public open space or luxury home. Whilst we specialise in larger to monumental installations, our wide selection includes small gallery sized sculptures suitable for private collectors, medium installations for use in residential homes, corporate foyers, and indoor and outdoor spaces and our very large sculptural offerings suitable for development projects, public installations and architectural installations. Most of our sculptural selections are extremely strong and durable enabling investors to select enduring creations for any environment including close to the ocean.

All of our artists work on commissions – so if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for, your vision can be commissioned or sourced by the Artemis network – the possibilities are infinite and endless. We pride ourselves on offering turnkey and custom-designed sculptural solutions and our specialist team has access to a wealth of new and established global talent.

We strive to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, acting as a point of contact for all your project needs. We can also assist with concept development, incorporating illustrations, dimensions, materials and associated costs of artworks, to facilitate the preparation of detailed public art plans that are frequently required for development approvals.

Powerful deity and early environmentalist, Goddess Artemis is the protector of wild animals, the wilderness, the moon and all living things. More poignantly, she is the goddess of light.

Artemis, like its namesake, is committed to attaining and offering beautiful elevating sculptures that contribute to personal and collective awareness and reflection, stimulate new ways of seeing and experiencing reality, and encourage beautiful transformations and evolving human consciousness so that we might together create a more peaceful, vibrant world.

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With a focus on large to monumental work, we have a large selection of sculptures available to purchase right here on this site.

We work with artists to expose your work to an extensive client base of buyers

As a collaborative partner we assist architects, designers and property developers with art procurement solutions.

Can't find exactly what you envisaged? Working with a vast network of artists we will help you create it.